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Lega Pro

The objective of this partnership is to offer integrated design services, at discounted rates, to those Lega Pro football clubs intending to redevelop or build brand-new sports facilities, which will be used for competitive activities.

Intervention strategy

A new stadium concept

The themes of the recovery plan were the basis for devising a dynamic, vibrant and environmentally sustainable stadium. An enclave of activities and services for the local community that can be used safely and securely all year round.

A modern, community-focused stadium capable of triggering inclusive and participatory processes.

A new urban centre

A stadium that can be the pivot of an urban regeneration project that restores new spaces to the city and is the driving force behind the development of cultural, educational and economic activities for the benefit of everyone.

Exceptional quality standards

A stadium built according to international best practices and adapted to the specificities of the locality in terms of both sports and supplementary DIA activities.