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Sportium offers multidisciplinary support as far as managing all the project’s phases are concerned, or a customised path, depending on the needs, by means of a group of professionals with a passion for sport and who share our same values: always putting people’s well-being first.

This is our team’s mission!


Introducing our line-up!

Massimo Roj Massimo Roj

Massimo Roj


Giuseppe De Martino Giuseppe De Martino

Giuseppe De Martino

Technical Director

Giovanni Giacobone Giovanni Giacobone

Giovanni Giacobone

Managing Partner

Christian Recalcati Christian Recalcati

Christian Recalcati

Managing Director

Amanda Ricci Amanda Ricci

Amanda Ricci

Elena Melegari Elena Melegari

Elena Melegari

Emanuel Brenpong Emanuel Brenpong

Emanuel Brenpong

Federico Zucchini Federico Zucchini

Federico Zucchini

Gabriele Personeni Gabriele Personeni

Gabriele Personeni

Karin Kara Karin Kara

Karin Kara

Leonardo Salvemini Leonardo Salvemini

Leonardo Salvemini

Owais Mushtaq Owais Mushtaq

Owais Mushtaq

Parastoo Javani Parastoo Javani

Parastoo Javani

Simone Brombin Simone Brombin

Simone Brombin

Teresa Maggioli Teresa Maggioli

Teresa Maggioli


Hub partner

When bringing our projects to fruition, we enlist the help of important partners, such as Progetto CMR and Ideas, whose contribution helps us create places in which one’s passions can be cultivated.

Here are all our collaborations: