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Blue Factory

Blue spaces and innovative services: with Blue Factory, the public pool is entering a new era.

Blue Factory is the company that reinvents the concept-pool to transform it into a space without borders, no longer delimited by lanes but expanded to embrace the multiplicity that the new blue areas can offer.

We are founding members of BlueFactory, an innovative organisation comprising some of the best Italian and international companies and examples of excellence and quality in the sectors in which they operate, such as Gewiss, Fluidra, Methodologia, Monterey Adv, SeSa and Zucchetti. BlueFactory was set up to propose new generation swimming and water-sport centres which offer a range of facilities and spaces for well-being in addition to those governed by swimming lanes. As a result, BlueFactory is making its expertise available to individuals and public administrations, offering studies, coordination and management aimed at the creation or transformation of sports infrastructures in compliance with town planning objectives and ensuring ESG, environmental, economic and social and energy sustainability objectives. 

“It has long been proven– clarifies Prof. Mario Abis, sociologist and president of Blue Factory – that green spaces have positive effects on health. Similarly, the “blue spaces” seem to bring health benefits, at a physical and mental level, which are even more surprising: in fact, the water cures and relaxes, provides the body with a feeling of lightness and harmony, while ensuring a unique sensory, psychological and emotional experience. The water allows you to play and have fun, but also to know yourself and relate to others”.

The practical idea consists in developing around water and together with water a multiplicity of sports, recreational, training or care services, which take on a strong social value. The Sportium team has always been convinced that sport can be the driver of a positive social transformation, based on aggregation activities that generate health.

For Sportium, sports infrastructure can launch processes of urban and social regeneration, creating community spaces for meeting and aggregation, from sporting events to daily activities. With Blue Factory, we aims to use our design know-how to create or redevelop aquatic spaces, putting innovation, sustainability and inclusion at the heart of the project.