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Creating places for sports emotions


A great passion for our work and expertise as far as conceiving, designing and developing sports and entertainment facilities are concerned: it is in this way that we are able to bring those emotions that every single sportsperson or sports enthusiast has ever wanted to experience, to life.


Creating emotions and experiencing them to the max: this is our daily goal, the one that spurs us on to design and build places where sport and fun-filled dreams come true.

A winning team, through and through: our team of experts - who are passionate about what they do - breathe life into projects able to elicit strong emotions in those who love to experience and indulge in sport, in addition to many other forms of entertainment.

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People are
the beating heart of our projects

We care about everyone’s passions:
being able to make each and every person feel something is a small yet fundamental milestone in the path that leads us to transform special projects into realities to be experienced, every day.

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Find out what we are able to achieve when driven by a strong passion.

Varese Pools and Ice Rinks

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A bright, contemporary and light structure for the new home of swimming and ice sports enthusiasts in Varese.

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Bocconi Sport Center

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A campus building, entirely dedicated for sports and recreational activities, and equipped with an Olympic-size swimming pool, volleyball and basketball courts, an athletics track and a fitness centre for the university students and the city of Milan.

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Parallax Stadio

Local Governments


We are also a reference point for local governments; these have been known to turn to us for the creation and design of sports facilities and much more.


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Thanks to an agreement with Lega Pro, we have drawn up an operational plan as part of the League's “Programme for the strategic innovative development of sports infrastructures”, to improve stadiums conditions. In this way, fans will be able to experience all their passions in an even bigger and better way.

Blue spaces and innovative services

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With Blue Factory, the public pool is entering a new era.
Blue Factory is the company that reinvents the concept-pool to transform it into a space without borders, no longer delimited by lanes but expanded to embrace the multiplicity that the new blue areas can offer.